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Daniel is a young archeologist, born and raised in the disctrict of Mayfair, London, the UK. He's a tall, well-built man with shoulder-lenght dark brown hair, and appears to be in his mid-twenties. His most evident traits are obliviousness, childish curiosity, cowardice and naivety. Since his early childhood he's been constantly physically and mentally abused, either by his own father or Henry Bedloe, a school bully. He has a younger sister who he used to be very close with, named Hazel, that has been severely sick since the birth. He used to read her bed-time stories all the time, feeling like Scheherezade - dreaming that as long as he'll keep on reading, she won't die. Their parents have given her out to a hospice shortly after Daniel's departure to Algeria.
There, he takes part in Professor Herbert's expedition where he discovers an ancient tomb. He finds a mysterious magical object called The Orb, which he takes back to England with him. Then, his unlucky fate begins. The Shadow, the guardian of the Orb, starts following him wherever he goes, and is out to make every single person involved with the object end up with their limbs severed and head splitted. The archeologist starts sending letters to various known and respected personas, hoping one of them would know a method to save him from the Shadow. One of those letters arrives to Alexander, baron of the castle Brennenburg, Prussia, who soon replies and invites Daniel over.
The young man gets completely blinded by the fear of shadow and trust for the baron; He gets manipulated into killing and torturing animals and people, criminals, as he's been told. The more he makes them suffer, the better. It soon turns into a routine for Daniel. He starts actually enjoying it, treating them like nothing but bloody sacks of potatoes, he turns into a sadist. And all that, being Alexander's faithful little dog. He'd never find out it doesn't really save him from the Shadow, but helps Alexander fullfill his long awaited plan.
One night, after especially brutal assault on a family with young children, Daniel revolts. Finally realizing the weight and consequences of his doings, he gets angry at Alexander and decides to kill him, putting a stop to this madness. However, he didn't want to remember. He didn't want to remember any of these things he's done. All he needed to do was get rid of the tyrant; Those flesh filled memories would only give him doubts. That soon leads him to drinking a bottle of a shiny, pink potion called Amnesia...



watch the blood spill!
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Nyctophobia - The severe fear of the darkness;
Claustrophobia - The fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or room, effecting in a panic attack;
Phonophobia - The fear of loud sounds. Can also mean a fear of voices, or a fear of one's own voice;
Katsaridaphobia- The fear of cockroaches;
Teratophobia- The fear of monsters or deformed people;
Sciophobia – The fear of shadows;
Agateophobia- The fear of becoming insane...

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19th of August, 1839
I wish I could ask you how much you remember. I don't know if there will be anything left after I consume this drink. Don't be afraid Daniel. I can't tell you why, but know this. I choose to forget. Try to find comfort and strength in that fact. There is a purpose. You are my final effort to put things right. God willing, the name Alexander of Brennenburg still invokes bitter anger in you. If not, this will sound horrible. Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Alexander and kill him. His body is old and weak, and yours, young and strong. He will be no match for you. One last thing, a shadow is following you. It's a living nightmare, breaking down reality. I have tried everything and there is no way to fight back. You need to escape it as long as you can. Redeem us both Daniel. Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits and murder him.
Your former self,
~ Ɗ α ȵ ı ℯ ℓ


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( I loved this game. Poor Daniel. He'd freak out even more if he went to Ib's world. XD I am going to do a crossover RP, wish me luck ^^;)

-Upon the walls inside the castle rested a portrait of a brown-haired woman dressed in red. Her red eyes seemed to stare off into the distance.-

A voice seemed to echo through the painting.

" When the rose wilts, will you too?"
Ib-Red-Rose Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Ib stared at the man from a distance, too shy to approach him. He didn't look like a bad man, but she wasn't too sure.

{ Thank you for the watch~ ; 7 ; }
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Loved this game, although I may have shit my pants once or twice XD ))
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[ Hey there! Thanks for watching me! I've heard of this game but never actually played it 'cos, well, I find it scary XD But anyway, you have a very nice account! c: ]
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